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Meet Hydron, the new project of Ansasol

Green hydrogen energy, obtained from photovoltaic energy, is the future of renewables. At Ansasol we know this and we are already preparing our first projects.

The company

Ansasol: photovoltaic energy and green hydrogen

Ansasol is a photovoltaic plant engineering and development company. It is present throughout the entire value chain: promotion, farm development, EPC, generation, operation and maintenance, including its own farms. This makes it an independent renewable energy producer (IPP). With a successful track record since its inception in 2004, Ansasol has developed more than 1,200 MW of renewable energy, 5% of all installed capacity in Andalusia.. 

It was the first Spanish company, in 2019, to build and connect to the grid what was the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe at the time and the first to do so without premiums or subsidies: the Don Rodrigo I plant, between Alcalá de Guadaira and Utrera (Seville).

For the future, Ansasol has an ambitious plan for expansion in photovoltaic energy throughout the country. It also aims to become a benchmark energy company and a pioneer in green hydrogen, the energy vector of the future, thanks to its powerful engineering and R&D structure.

Our vision is clear: solar energy will be the most economical source of energy production.

In the south of Spain it already is!

Ansasol is a young company that is proving to have solid business pillars, in addition to a deep technological knowledge, highly specialised teams and a strong vocation for service and attention to our customers and to the public administrations in the territories where we operate.

Tobias Greiling – CEO Ansasol

Renewable energies

We are ahead of the future

The presence of renewable energies in everyday life is becoming more and more of a reality. Ansasol, moreover, is ahead of the curve and is adding to its line of photovoltaic installations a new commitment to the future: green hydrogen. 

Equipment and materials

The characteristics of the equipment and materials used correspond to the highest quality offered on the photovoltaic market today. Our cooperation with the leading companies in this sector guarantees that we have the ideal modules on the most suitable structures and supports for each type of terrain or roof.


Ansasol guarantees the construction with the optimal structure and operates with maximum safety, being insured against liability and all risks.


It is our policy to offer the optimal business to our investors and tenants and for this reason we always fall back on the many years of experience we have gained from our installations in Spain and Germany.


The construction and operation of each project involves the creation of a significant number of permanent and indirect jobs.

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Photovoltaics and green hydrogen for a more sustainable future

Ansasol, in search of a greener tomorrow


To develop with maximum efficiency and a commitment to sustainability in its renewable energy projects.
To grow solidly and progressively, creating added value in each project.


To carry out clean and renewable energy projects anywhere in the world, through efficient, profitable and sustainable production processes.
We generate efficient and sustainable energy with the utmost professionalism thanks to a highly experienced technical team.


Maximum efficiency
Social responsibility
Customer orientation

Sun and water, the energy sources of the future

In recent years, energy generated by the sun has been considered a great alternative to traditional sources, mainly because it is clean, efficient, long-lasting and healthy. It is now joined by Ansasol’s new project, green hydrogen, developed under the new Hydron brand.


A drive for more sustainable energy across Spain

Ansasol has photovoltaic and green hydrogen projects at different stages (planned, under development and delivered) in Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla y León.

At the moment… 

Years of experience
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About ansasol


We currently have photovoltaic projects in our portfolio with a capacity to install more than 1,000 MW – in Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha – with capacities of between 7 MWp and 50 MWp that are at different stages of development.

Don Rodrigo

Don Rodrigo

The first subsidy-free utility-scale solar project in Europe, making it also the largest PV plant to be built in Europe without subsidies until 2019. Don Rodrigo has a total capacity of 188 MWp and an annual output of 300 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 93,000 households.

Puerto Real I

Puerto Real I

First solar plant of a set of three promoted by Ansasol S.L. in this municipality, with an installed capacity of 133 MWp, in operation from 2021.

Granja de Moreruela (hidrógeno)

Granja de Moreruela (hidrógeno)

The most advanced green hydrogen generation project in the pipeline, located in the municipality of Granja de Moreruela (Zamora), which is expected to produce approximately 1,900 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

Algaidas (baterías)

Algaidas (baterías)

One of the four pioneering projects under construction, in whose design Ansasol S.L. has incorporated an energy storage system with 1 MW batteries, which will make it possible to accumulate the surplus energy produced by the plant in order to feed it into the grid during the hours when there is no solar production.


Hydron, the new green hydrogen brand from Ansasol

Green hydrogen is the energy of the future and is here to stay as an energy source with great potential, emission-free and with countless applications yet to be discovered.

At Ansasol we are already developing green hydrogen projects. 

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From our headquarters in Andalusia, Ansasol has been dedicated to the planning, development, assembly and marketing of photovoltaic and green hydrogen installations since 2004.


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